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Where is my guy
39 years old
syracuse, New York
United States

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Job: Self employed
Smoke: No
Drink: Socially
Religion: Christian - other
Orientation: Straight
Dating status: Single, looking
Body type: Slim/Slender
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who cares

who cares

who cares

I love life! No, I'm not a super optimist or anything. Those people actually really annoy me. I'm just very grateful for the life I live, my health and good friends and family. My job is also a blessing in my life. Being able to take something non-desirable and make it pretty again is very rewarding to me.... and plus I happen to be very good at it (I surprise myself sometimes :) (I'm renovating a house to resell it if you didn't read it above) Grandma would say "think big in life". I'm so glad that she would say this like a broken record because I don't limit myself and I'm driven toward my goals and I take risks. There is a way to do or get something if you want it bad enough. I'm not going to settle for less than what I want. I can be single and be happy. I'm not one of those girls that always has to be in a relationship. I like to be independent and I also look for this quality in a guy.

Sexy Military men, Cops (I really just want their handcuffs) Witty comments, humor, a guy that knows what to say and do in any given situation. A take charge type guy. Someone who's trustworthy and can communicate is a big plus. - I like a guy that I can joke with and tease. I need him to be able to throw it back at me. It makes life fun. Also, sometimes I require someone to put me in my place (yes yes, this has happened on rare occasions hahha). I don't like it when someone is afraid to say how they feel. If you know I'm wrong or know I shouldn't have done something, let me know so I don't do the same stupid thing again. I won't be offended.. trust me, I come from a very critical family and can handle it. - I'm not sure why I'm so sensitive, but I am. My feelings get hurt easily by people I really care about. If you say something cutting to me, you will most likely succeed at hurting me & if I see that you deliberately tried to do so, you will be cut off/kicked to the curb... you get my drift.

Being Cocky and arrogant .... YUCK Lack of confidence... EWWW, Selfishness..... GROSS, Too Serious.... A DRAG, Not Sexy.... YOU MUST BE. PERIOD! I have learned to think before speaking and not to say anything I may regret later on in life. I haven't said anything to deliberately hurt anyone in a looong time, but the times that I have, have been bad. So a real turn off would be someone that has no regard for other people's feelings. If you anger easily and have a temper that you can't control well doesn't fly with me. - I can admit to being wrong when I am and have no problem apologizing when it's necessary. I expect the same in a mate. It's extremely frustrating when someone just can't admit their wrongs and move on. People like this are annoying and most likely wont last very long with me. - I believe in 2nd chances if the person deserves it. I can forgive and move on as time passes. I can't stand grudges. -I Absolutely will not tolerate - A liar, someone that is not loyal to me, Oh and a lack of attention (I need) don't deprive me :( Basically, if i'm not happy most of the time that I spend with you, it makes no sense to stay with someone that makes you feel badly or just doesn't do it for you. I refuse to argue daily with someone. It's stressful and not healthy.

don't have time

WHAT? What a way to end the profile..... Retarded category I might add **HINT, Remove that garbage**

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