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55 years old
Morrison, Colorado
United States

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Job: Other
Smoke: Yes
Drink: Yes
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Orientation: Straight
Dating status: Open to suggestions
Body type: Slim/Slender
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I'm not a rabid fan of film, but I like movies that aren't predictable. I don't care for the horror genre, but there are some films noir that I like. I think that arguably the best love scene on film is the one between Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) and Reese in the first Terminator movie. When he tells her "I came across time for you, Sarah; I love you", and then she reaches out to touch the back of his shoulder and says "So much pain...", the expression on her face makes it easy to believe she means it. And the ensuing shots of the two of them making love, done so tastefully and evocative of such physical & emotional intensity, make you really believe that in that brief span of time they loved more than most of us get to do in a lifetime. And makes you willing to gladly trade places with them if you could. If that doesn't illicit some kind of response, then you're dead already (or may as well be in terms of connecting with somebody). And some of the best lines ever delivered in a movie were in The Outlaw Josey Wales. Wales: "Seems whenever I get to likin' somebody, they ain't around long." Chief Lone Waddy: "I notice that when you get to dislikin' somebody, they ain't around long neither".

Pretty eclectic. I was first exposed to & began performing in the country music circuit, and I still have a place in my heart and the hard drive of my PC for that kind of stuff. But I've also been trained in classical music and I've been in some rock & roll cover hair bands back in the 80's. I have a fairly extensive digital music library consisting of some 3,000 or so songs that includes everything except gangsta rap (I don't care for that), not counting piano concertos by Chopin, arias, movements, and entire symphonies by classical composers like Mozart & his contemporaries. There's even some baroque stuff by Handel & others as well as Celtic harp compositions, which I find nothing short of haunting. And I'm also a big fan of Nazareth's trailer-trash rock. I've always been astonished at how Manny Charleston can make his guitar sound so angelic & so dirty at the same time.

I am a writer by trade (tech-writer, but that's changing) so I don't delve much into weighty, deeply intellectual tomes. It's like when somebody works on cars for a living, the last thing they want to do when they clock out is to work on cars (makes me feel sorry for porn stars). I've taken English and American lit in college, know the works of the romantic poets Byron, Shelley, & Keats (now there's a trio of raunchy guys) and so forth. And those influences are evident in my writing to this day & I'll always owe those authors a debt of gratitude. But nowadays when I read something I just want to be entertained. I guess if I could name a favorite it would be Steven King's Gunslinger series.

I'm one of the experts on the Advice.Lovedetour.com site. Sunny Wang, the coordinator for us experts, suggested I register on this site so I can get a better idea of what sort of articles & advice members might be interested in. Good idea. I'm the only "amateur" expert with a profile on the advice website. I'm designated as an amateur because I don't have a professional degree. Although I have 59 semester hours of college, am a published writer and have two patents to my name, I'll always be a mongrel no matter how many tricks I can do because I don't have that pedigree. I think that since I've made every mistake that can possibly be made in the field of relationships, that makes me a de facto expert by default. But I'm not the one who makes these decisions. Go to the advice.lovedetour.com website, read my articles, & be your own judge. The two articles published so far are "Some Very Basic Relationship Basics" and "Do You Even Want To Be A Good Lover?". Here's the link: http://advice.lovedetour.com/author/taydelott

Shooting Sports, Languages (I can get rejected in 3 different ones), Falconry, Writing sappy love letters for other people - Kinda like Cyrano de Bergerac except I have a pistol instead of a sword and my nose is not quite as large as his.

I gave it some thought and decided not to relate my breakup story. There's not anything in it I care for anybody knowing, it's just that I have my version of what went wrong and she has hers. Needless to say, the two are not the same. It wouldn't be ethical in my opinion to use my position as an author to post my version while she doesn't have the same opportunity to air her side of the story. Like everybody else, I do what I'm comfortable with and what I think will make me happy (or at least less unhappy). I'm just not comfortable telling my side of the story unless she can also tell hers. I will tell you when it happened though: September 2007. I left Texas for Colorado that month and never looked back. Oh, we're on reasonably civil terms now, after almost a year. I even talk to her on the phone now & then. For now she is taking care of my dog Osho, who I miss terribly. Besides, it takes a lot of energy to stay angry and bitter, and I'd rather use that energy on something more pleasant. Of course no matter how bad things were, there's always that sense of loss after a breakup. But now even that's gone and that chapter of my life is closed, closure & all. And I'm not "looking", not "on the hunt". There was a time not so long ago when being this long without human contact (specifically "female" human contact, if you get my meaning) would've driven me batshit. But I guess time passes, people change, and the world moves on. Now having said that, I'm not exactly dead yet either. Something will happen eventually, it always does. Or not - I don't care really, I'm having a lot of fun in life right now: I'm not incomplete by myself. I think if I have another relationship, I'd like it to be with a girl who's happy by herself but would be happier with me.

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Sep 16 2008, 10:55 pm
Oh thanks for your comment Expert! i will be sure to read your articles. I'm perfectly fine now. no more thinking about my ex!!

Jul 17 2008, 8:31 am
Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I'd change the text color but I forgot which one it is and it took me forever to get it like that lol. Hope U have a good day! look forward to reading what you have.

Jul 14 2008, 8:30 am
Hello Tracy! First of all welcome to LoveDetour.com. I'm glad to have you on board with the rest of the crew. You seem like a very interesting person. By the way, Thank you for the comment. I look forward to reading what you have in the future.
Take care, and have a wonderful day!:)

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