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37 years old
Henderson, Nevada
United States

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A few years ago I went to stay at Aunt and Uncle's house for a summer and they had a guy living with them that I knew when I lived by them but I moved away and we lost contact. Well, he was staying there because him and his ex had broken up and they lived together and he couldn't afford the apartment by himself so he had to move. Well, we hung out for a couple of days then we started to go out. Well, for the whole summer we were together. He was looking at getting a place out by my house so we could be closer. Well, some things happened at home so I had to go home early unexpected. Well, my sister moved back out that way to live with a boyfriend and after being there a week he left her and made her move out and she had nowhere to go so she stayed at my aunts for a little while till she could get the money to move back home. Well, me and my boyfriend were still dating we talked all the time and everything. Well, one day he stops calling me, stops answering his phone, won't talk to me. My sister gets back home and I asked her what was going on and she said she didn't know. Well, we went back out there and he wouldn't talk to me, come near me, anything and I had no idea why so I said screw you. Well, I heard my sister and him talking and I heard him say "I feel like and A**hole. I had to change my password like 20 times," and I had no clue what they were talking about. After that he changed his attitude. When we left I asked my sister what he was talking about and she told me his ex was telling him things that he wrote in his e-mails to me and he thought I was talking to her trying to set him up (for what I have no idea still to this day). I was pissed. Well, of course I didn't leave him then. Then my sister tells me they went to pick up his ex from work and when they dropped her off he gave her a kiss and said "I love you," and my heart broke. I didn't talk to him for a while. Then we start talking again. My sister goes back out to visit and when she gets back she tells me he has another girlfriend and they we really close like they had been together for a while and he told my sister not to tell me. Well, duh its my sister she told me. Then I find out that while my sister was living there her and my boyfriend got together also. I can't explain how hurt I was when I found that out. But before that I broke things off with him. A year or so later he calls when happened to be out there visiting other family and he comes over and we hung out and yeah. Well, he didn't tell me he was still with the girlfriend he cheated on me with and he cheated on her with me. After I found out I felt really bad because he cheated on me. But to this day she still doesn't know but I am not telling her because she knew we were together and she didn't tell me. Sucks but what goes around comes around.

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