Title: we are fully parajumpers kodiak
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Blog Entry: "Tell me about your views on it?" Asked Wang Hao. Dance O'Young looked moncler hoodie Wang Hao slowly and said: "Boss, in fact, to Thunderbolt phone view, it is imperative that moncler coats for toddlers the impact of the mobile phone market, but I swear there is no any moncler gilt handset and it can be compared, since we now acquired the Nokia company, then launched a new mobile phone is taken for granted. Here, or in many industries now those companies that Nokia has sunset Shanxi, no and Apple as well as Samsung, Google compared these giants, and they look down on Nokia, considered in the mobile phone industry, Nokia has not is that moncler donatien they opponent, it is true, but moncler joinville Well. "Dance O'Young played here a charades. "But what? You'd moncler kilian utility jacket say ah? I do not know the words to half of immoral things?" Wang Hao is very depressing watching a dance O'Young said, really, is not good to put it? How suddenly stopped. "Hee hee, the boss angry? I just said, but, in fact, we can change the parajumpers long bear strategy, the boss, you think, why Apple can buy such a high price? Which has huge profits, especially in our China, and because the price is not the same in different versions, why would they each introduced a phone order? they take the hunger marketing strategy. As long as the customer's appetite for hanging up on the line, so the price is the moncler ebay moncler clearance mens attendant rise, say those cattle is the same now, this is an advantage for us, first and 锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷锟?meet, you and he also directors meeting in the library directly to China put three million mobile phones, which moncler flammette represents what? Boss, which we are fully parajumpers kodiak capable of representing the apple and other brands of mobile phones to the market moncler flammette out of China, and you intend to come up with five hundred thousand units as a backup, do not say anything else, if now Nokia held a press conference to publish these mobile phones, news back home, Oh, I believe no one will not like it. "