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30 years old
Mountain View, California
United States

[ 18 ]

Job: N/A
Smoke: N/A
Drink: N/A
Religion: N/A
Orientation: N/A
Dating status: In love
Body type: N/A
MEMBER SINCE: Sep 15 2007, 3:47 pm
STAR SIGN: Aquarius
LAST LOGIN: Jul 28 2008, 1:18 pm

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My Comments

Nov 20 2008, 10:55 am
Why are U beat-up (I hope not physically)?

Come see JohnCee and I'll put U back together again!

Jul 21 2008, 12:39 pm
Awesome!! I'm Happy for you girl!! I know you deserve it and I wish you the best of luck. :)

Jul 18 2008, 10:14 am
Not a problem, and I will keep you posted. I still have some things to work out and even though I am past a lot, I still have to work on a lot, then again we all do. All is well, the sun shines regarless of storms because they only last a short while in life itself outside of the physical world. :) Have a super weekend girl!! How long have ya'll been dating anyway? (sorry had to ask) :)

Jul 14 2008, 8:20 am
Hey Lady! Well, good for you on school and congrats on finding you a b/f. I hope he's good to you. Smack him if he's not lol j/k. No I'm not dating anyone. I kind of stay away from the dating scene b/c for some odd reason I tend to attract guys that are...well...not the ones I need to date. However I did meet someone though...he's cool. We laugh a lot together and that's a biggie for me. But as far as relationship goes, I don't know. We'll just have to see. I'm not crossing my fingers. :) It's all good!

Jul 11 2008, 3:53 pm
Hey girl!! Long time no see!! Glad to know you didnt' fall off of the earth!! Yes, the site has changed tremendously and there are still things being added. :) What have you been up to?

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