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Bryant demanded the team trade

By: loyaty
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Date: Jan 11, 2018
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Nowitzki in 98 to join the Dallas after they never spread some gossip, no trade rumors, in the 20 years of his career, he bring to the team in the history of the original title, also let oneself become the three very much Sir, and all this is the premise of his loyalty. Udonis haslem despite personal data is not very well, but after he joined the NBA in 03 has been played for the heat, and when James came to the team, he was the captain of the team, how much it would be enough to see the team take a fancy to him. At the same time, he and wade are the two longest teams in NBA history LOLGA.Inc.
Although Duncan played for the spurs throughout his career, he had such an episode in 2000. Rivers and Duncan agent relationship is very good at that time, he almost persuaded with such relationships Duncan joined the magic, fortunately, doc rivers refused Duncan invitation girlfriend sit team charter request, otherwise he will really go to the magic. That year as shaq left, the team record fell to the bottom, at this time, Bryant demanded the team trade oneself, also good side to retain, then trade for pau gasol, thus retaining the kobe Bryant, had two even after the champions league.

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