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my girl
DATE: Aug 01 2009, 5:36 pm / MOOD: Other

Sorry this might be a little trite or reminiscent of a rant. 

 I have been getting to know my girl over the past year. Her personality, her characteristics, her imperfections,  are beginning to reveal themselves to me in irritating ways. I feel this unease and doubt becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life, and I am wondering what to do.


You see she is easily triggered into stress, easily startled, is seriously dyslexic and makes the biggest fuss over the smallest things. I know it should not be a big deal to me, since i love her so much, its just rubbing me the wrong way. and becoming more then a little maddening. any advice? not to mention the long distance thing.    

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What Grieves me
DATE: Feb 26 2009, 7:58 pm / MOOD: Dont know

Tell me in whisper
What can stimulate my mind out of a funk
Do not speak of my love far away
Do not speak of my faith in a better day
Do not think of me as a poet, that my reputation proves
For I am disgruntled by the thought of restless misery

I cant be with the one I love, and I can never love another
You ask why I feel this way
And I shall speak of the sun with out the moon
The river with out the salmon
The brook with out the trickle
The spring with out the sound
The mountain with out the elevation
The song with out feeling or story
The game without fun

Would these not fight to no end for their pair
I would not be a beloved if it were not for her joie de vivre

I can't but think of her as a Jewish Mona Lisa,
A woman version of Anne Frank
Quaint, gorgeous, divine

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Lond Distance Bi polar
DATE: Feb 23 2009, 9:45 pm / MOOD: In love

I have a joke going around, that I think is a fact. There is nothing harder then a long distance relationship between bipolar people who are seriously in love. That's the situation i am i right now.

Me and my girl have been going serious for about 6 months 12 days and a couple hours. We have only visited each other twice and the third time is coming up. we are very close and very comfortable around each other. Were quite intimate and share everything with each other from the mundane to the spiritual to the deeply emotional.

I write her alot of poetry and write to her everyday and we use skype everyday as well. Its like shes here but shes not.

The problem is that i miss her so much and it seems that I am getting co-dependent. I am begining to get to research on long distance relationships, and we are continuing to research how to deal with manic depression in our loved one. Its going to work. But I want to get feedback on advice and tips to work it out in the long distance, shes the one, my one and only pride and joy so any help would be amazing.

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DATE: Aug 24 2008, 9:23 pm / MOOD: Full of life

How can you tell when the feeling of love is real between tow people?

How do you know when the chemistry is real?


Watch me and my new found love in all of its zeal and appeal.


I'm in love, this time on purpose. 

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love sick fool
DATE: Jul 30 2008, 8:24 am / MOOD: Lonely

And just like that its over. Why does it feel the same to fall in love or break it off at my age?


Im still a rat in a cage but im in love she said, but she left her birth certificate on the ledge of the bed, your going to pay for this. She called from juvenile hall.

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DATE: Jul 29 2008, 8:10 am / MOOD: Other

"First I get cold then hot, think on fire but I'm not, oh what I pain Ive got, it must be love" Alan Jackson

 The love thing I discus in my poll is only qualified through action, not words. As many a wise man have proclaimed, words are meaningless simply trivial in most emotional states, hence the need for a temporal lobe, that is why actions always knock out and stomp on words when they fight in the realm of hypocrites, cheaters, fakers, liars, thieves, criminals and vagabonds. 

 Love is for keeping if you cant commit to each other and trust each other with intimate but not dependent faith, then dont get involved. 


Thats all I got for today.  Thus endeth the lesson.






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i do it so willingly
DATE: Jul 27 2008, 12:17 am / MOOD: In love

Skipping the friend zone and going straight to devoted committed couple, is that a good idea, if you are soul mates and have known in your heart, soul, mind and body for 16 days?

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front lines
DATE: Jul 16 2008, 12:40 am / MOOD: Other

i am basically a good person and I must admit im in love for the second time in my life. i am wondering as to how you know that its love not lut and obsession.

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last time around, first time on the ground for now
DATE: Jul 12 2008, 4:05 pm / MOOD: In love


im not a jiggalo or a sellout. Im not a hormone ridden fool. But i am acting wild as a bug, and i do have chills and they are multiplying.  

but seriously time is a wastin' and i need to get to the point. The point is i am in love and not lust.

that is the point i wish to make is much the same as a brilliant fundamentalist made in his commentary about my first post. 

Satisfaction, humor, empathy, trust and intimate love love is all that matters. every thing else is icing on the proverbial cake of mortal life. 

icing distracts you form the sustenance and substinance.  


sure we all start as perfect (or rather imperfect and highly flawed) strangers. we dont even know our parents not even our mothers who brought us into this world after literally housing us for at least 9 months off intense labor. 


we don't know anyone and it takes a while to get any trust, even the inherent trust humans require for their parental units.  

I am loving by nature and i was nurture to be a bad boy and a good man. a tough man and a boy who wont do anything he dosent want to.


now i am changed, i am unafraid to love the girl of my dreams.  she will be loved, by me everyday, and more then just the four letters and three word bullshit love that poets consider realistic.

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first date
DATE: Jul 11 2008, 9:30 am / MOOD: Disapointed

I still remember all the first dates I've been on. Every single one of the stupid seven.


The two in kindergarden with Victoria nad Thalia.


The one my junior year if highschool with a 4 foot 11 black fashion and bikini model. 



The one my third day as a freshman in college with the sexyiesy cowgirl i have ever met, with a vivacious personality.

The date two weeks later with her ex roomate. 

 Then there was my junior year one date with a salsa queen that i acted way to hy and coy and childish.


Then there was the rehab date. This is the one worthy of a story.  A friend zone date. ill describe it later.

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