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RIO DE JANEIRO -- With one shoe on and one shoe off, Etenesh Diro raised a big cheer at the Olympics on Saturday with a gutsy finish in her 3,000-meter steeplechase heat.Initially outside the qualifying places, the Ethiopian was rewarded -- after a protest by three teams, including her own -- with a place in Mondays final.Diro was cruising along comfortably in the pack with a couple of laps to go when she got tangled up with some other competitors and her right shoe came half-off. For precious seconds, the Ethiopian athlete kneeled on the track and tried to pull the shoe back on.It just wouldnt go, and runner after runner passed her. Finally giving up on it, Diro ripped the shoe off completely, threw it away, took a few steps and then removed her right sock too.Diro ran the rest of the grueling race, about three laps, with just one shoe on and her right foot bare, negotiating the barriers and the water jump and overtaking a number of rivals as the crowd urged her on.She finished seventh and fell to the track, exhausted and clutching her foot. She thought she had missed out.But after protests by the Ethiopia, Ireland and Jamaica teams, Diro, Irelands Sara Treacy and Jamaicas Aisha Praught were advanced to the final.Emma Coburn, the United States best hope for a medal in the event, finished with the third-best time in the prelims and was among the runners advancing to Monday.Diro was clipped from behind, but her shoe issue also caused a pileup of runners behind her, with Praught taking a tumble because of it.I went down pretty hard. You brace because you dont expect that, Praught said. All I know is the girl in front of me stopped to put on her shoe. She stopped right in front of me. Thats when I fell. ... You dont expect that.Praught said brake lights on the runners ahead of her would have been helpful.As for her own shoes, Praught said: I tie them very tightly.The Associated Press contributed to this report. Cubs fans from 5 years old to 95 are united by two things: misery and heartbreak. Ahead of the Cubs postseason run -- one with more expectations than many can remember -- we spanned the generations to find out what keeps the Chicago faithful coming back to Wrigley Field.?Jacquelyn Munsterman, 33, and babyMy husband took me to my first Cubs game when we were in college. It was windy and cold, and game went to extra innings. We had school the next day, so we had to leave. And then we heard the whole crowd erupt just as we were walking away. We left just a tad too early.The babys sisters name is Addison -- I think my husband had some hidden motives with that one. This one wont be Cubs-related, but shell be a fan. She doesnt get a choice.?Alex and Mya Gerstein, 9Mya: My favorite player is Addison Russell.Alex: Mines Anthony Rizzo. And we get hot dogs when we come to the games. I get ketchup on mine.Mya: I get celery salt.?Reece, 11, and Rylan Nowak, 10Reece: The first game we came to, well, there was a lot of people, and I remember we sat in like where the wind tunnel is, and it was like really cold. Rylan: And it was humongous.?Reece: I know we got cotton candy and some drinks.?Rylan: It was the Cubs and Cardinals. This year weve been to three: one of them was against the Dodgers, one of them was against the Rangers, and one of them was against the Diamondbacks. Every time we went, they won.?Puja Patel, 28My husband and I had a baseball-themed reception. We went to a Cubs-Sox game on our fourth date, and it just kind of built from there.The proposal itself didnt have anything to do with the Cubs, but when we were thinking of doing a Save the Date, I came across a Cubs ticket. We didnt want to pick a Cubs ticket as the Save the Date and not do anything to follow up with it.The wedding program was a baseball scorecard. We mirrored off of an old Cubs theme, August of 1988 because that was the year we were born, and thats the month we were married in. Our reception was baseball-themed, as well. Instead of having our guests have a table number, they were assigned to a stadium.?Anthony Stokes, 39When the Cubs win the World Series, its definitely going to be a dynasty. I dont think theyre gonna stop from here. Theyre the best team in baseball for a reason.?Rob Amesquita, 48I love it here. Anyone who knows me knows that from around the end of April to the end of September, this is where Im gonna be.We saat up on the roof in 84 and 89, and (San Franciscos) Will Clark broke our heart in 89 and hit that grand slam.dddddddddddd (Andre) Dawson couldnt buy a hit that year. It was just like, this is what were born into. You just know that one year, its gonna be our year, and you just wanna be there when it happens.?David Silbasi, 53Theyre expected to win. Its not just like earlier near-misses. They werent the team to beat. They were always going to be a contender, but no one expected them to win. Now, theyre the runaway best team in baseball, and now the pressures on them. It will be even harder, I think, to overcome.Its beyond my imagination that this year is even possible. But my heart is too hardened to think were going all the way. Im keeping a healthy skeptics perspective.Sharon Blogg, 69Well, I think whether we win it or not, if I pass away like a lot of older people do -- although Im only 69 -- so I think that I just have no regrets in a way. Just being a Cubs fan, just coming every day and enjoying the Cubs, that is far better for me than winning the World Series. Ive had so many good experiences with the Cubs. Thereve been some tragic experiences for me: in 69, also 84. I was here for the Bartman game. That was a heartbreaker, too.??Bob Byrne, 75Even if we dont win, its still been the best year in baseball that Ive ever had. Most of the 41,000 people here every day would say the same thing.?Ann Lantolf, 82My first Cubs game was in 1961. My husband and I had just moved out here from New York, but Im originally from Pennsylvania. It was in September, so it was a late game. We got one box seat, it was on the first-base side right down by the dugout, and I came to the game. My husband stayed home to take care of the kids. And the Cubs won! Oh my God, unbelievable. Unbelievable. The ivy just blew my mind. And Ive been a fan ever since.?Henry Swiatek, 95I grew up with the Cubs. I went to Lane Tech High School, and I would go with some of the fellas in the neighborhood there. Wed go together, and wed go by streetcar from Armitage Avenue to Clark Street and then Clark to Wrigley Field.Two years ago, I was honored as a World War II veteran. My grandson set it up. They called my name over the PA system. To this day I say, Oh my god, I cant believe I was honored at Wrigley. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' ' 

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