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as the new console is losing the battle against Sony's PS4 in many areas around the world due to a variety of factors, including price.Half-Minute 2 Is Making Its Way to Western Markets Soon, Watch Gameplay Trailer. Half-Minute Hero 2 is apparently making its way to the west, judging by a mysterious video that showed up on YouTube.Marvelous created the fast-paced real-time role-playing game / shoot'em up hybrid Half-Minute Hero 2 in 2011 and released it exclusively in Japan, for the PlayStation Portable.While an official press release is yet to appear, the trailer is quite lengthy and shows off the English version of the game in action, along with promises of announcements to be made soon.Half-Minute Hero 2 is probably one of the most aptly named FIFA 16 games out there, as it features rapid bouts of fighting and then heading into town and upgrading your character, as the trailer shows.The video also shows off the map editor and the game's multiFIFA 16 Player features, apart from the lightning fast signature battles that lend the game its name.There has not been any word on whether there will be an enhanced version of the game coming for modern platforms such as the PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, or any other platforms for that matter. The original game was released in Japan only on the PlayStation Portable, with a remake of it also being brought to the PC and Xbox Live.Play VideoPro Evolution Soccer 2014 Will Get World Challenge Mode on March 26. The development FIFA Coins team at Konami working on Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 says that it plans to launch an entirely new World Challenge mode for the football simulation with a new International Cup, which is designed to allow FIFA 16 gamers to reach glory in a competition modelled on the real World Cup 2014 in Brazil.FIFA 16 gamers will be able to guide their national team or their favorite FIFA 16 Player from it to international glory, but the company does not have the license to use the official logos and names linked to the competition.Konami states that, Within the mode, FIFA 16 Players can adapt their squads in the run up to qualification, set up friendly matches to recruit new talent, and finally enter the group and knock out stages of the tournament. Qualifying competitions for Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia are offered.The World Challenge mode for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be launched on March 26 on Xbox Live and on April 1 on the PlayStation Network.A new patch will be delivered on the two platforms at the same time for free and will improve the overall game experience, with a number of new anti-cheating measures designed for online matches.International kits for PES 2014 will also get an update and there are 60 FIFA 16 Player faces included, for the likes of England's Jack Wilshere, Spain's David Silva and Gerard Pique, and Germany's Mario Götze and Marco Reus.The Brazuca ball is also included.FIFA 14 on Windows 8 Metro – Photo Gallery.

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