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Counter-attack! Wenger Gunners

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Mon Oct 26, 2015 at 01:00 pm

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'Daily Mail': Arsenal want to sign two superstars Wayne Rooney and small law Phoenix Sports News Mourinho has returned, it is the defending champion Manchester United, Manchester City are still recruiting, and now, Wenger also sit still, fut coins After eight years without a crown, he needed something to do intend for the next season. Beijing on June 3, 'Daily Mail' revealed that Arsenal will be sold this summer changed the traditional Topstar, but to win two stars Wayne Rooney and small law, aiming at next year with Chelsea, Man City duo champion. 'Daily Mail' revealed that Arsenal to win more and more confident Rooney and Wenger also expressed the goodwill of the Red Devils ace, 'Rooney is a player any ultimate team would be interested, who could refuse him it? Moyes Manchester United coach after the primary task is how to deal with the relationship between him and Wayne Rooney, can not be reconciled if between them, let us see what happens. 'Despite this past season, Rooney play in general but one day before the 2-2 draw with England in Brazil in the FIFA 16 game, Manchester United star mass shooting meritorious deeds, beat Brazil Neymar won the Overall Best popular genius. Legendary Red Devils striker Ruud Rooney also gave his advice, 'It all depends on his attitude. If he was the club full confidence, I think he might leave the ultimate team. I think the fans like to see him continue to stay in Manchester United, but it depends on whether the club will make a commitment. If you can not get full confidence, I think he'd better leave. 'Meanwhile, Wenger also expressed the thoughts of a small law,' a small law is a passionate player, but he is now firmly secured the main lack of faith in Barcelona, ​​he is quite outstanding talent, pick me obviously hurt him. 'Now, Arsenal holding a limited buy-back clause small law. 'Daily Mail' that Wenger is not letting a small law defected to rivals such as Manchester United or Chelsea, but will make every effort to recall a small law. If Arsenal can successfully won Rooney and small law, they champion hopes will increase next season. All along, the Arsenal striker is missing the final word character, but Rooney is a super striker, it is Wenger wanted. Plus a ultimate team very familiar midfield, Wenger's ultimate team will be close to perfect.

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