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Such as Lost Planet, Crysis, Hellgate: London, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, and many other titles coming soon for Windows Vista. Guitar Hero III: launch details. Activision's smash hit FIFA games series Guitar Hero, in which FIFA gamers use specially made 'guitar' controllers to follow the notes of rock songs, has its next instalment at last, although Activision has yet to commit to an actual name for the game. The general public is likely to assume for now (perhaps rightly so) that it will be called Guitar Hero III.REVIEW: WIIThe game will be made available on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PS2. Activision has handed over development duties to its Neversoft studios, while RedOctane will remain on board as publishers.REVIEW: XBOX 360 ELITEAs for the guitars themselves, the company announces that the licence to release peripherals made in the likeness of Gibson guitars will continue with the release of new, updated guitar controllers based on the Les Paul and Kramer models. The Les Paul controller will be developed for simultaneous release with the versions on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, while the Kramer controller will be exclusive to PS2 owners of the game. In addition, these new controllers will feature customisable faceplates and a new button colour design that will grant users "an even greater authentic rock experience".REVIEW: PS3With the advent of downloadable content on modern consoles, Activision promises more tracks on this sequel than any previous Guitar Hero game before it. Although a complete tracklist is still unavailable at this time, the company announced that the following tracks will be playable in this installment:-- Paint It Black (by the Rolling Stones) -- Cherub Rock (by the Smashing Pumpkins)-- Sabotage (by Beastie Boys)-- The Metal (by Tenacious D)-- My Name is Jonas (by Weezer)-- Knights of Cydonia (by Muse)-- Rock And Roll All Nite (as made famous by Kiss)-- School's Out (as made famous by Alice Cooper)-- Slow Ride (as made famous by Fog Hat)-- Cult of Personality (by Living Colour)-- Barracuda (as made famous by Heart)Given its early stage of development, Guitar Hero III has not yet been rated by the ESRB, nor has it received a more descriptive release date FIFA Coins than autumn 2007. PSP and PS3 cameras coming soon. Sony is releasing a camera for its PlayStation Portable (PSP) console in the UK later this month.The 1.3-megapixel Go!Cam, which is designed to sit on top of the PSP, will allow PSP owners to take photos and record video clips and then edit the footage together using Sonyand8217;s bundled Go!Edit software.The Go!Cam features a built-in microphone and can store more than 40,000 still images or two-and-a-half hours of video on a 4GB Memory Stick Duo. and With Summer around the corner and the ability to turn your PSP into a mini camcorder and capture all the best moments in your life, this is yet another reason to get a PSP and to take advantage of truly portable entertainment.

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