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Mon Nov 13, 2017 at 01:00 pm

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When the Jersey photographer Peter Widing It was July 1990, and a week which started with an earthquake http://www.authenticpredatorstore.com/colin-wilson-jersey_c-436.html in the Philippines that killed Nick Shore Jersey 1,621 people and ended with Roger Waters performing The Wall in front of almost 500,000 people in Berlin. The businessman Donald Trump was only a few minutes away from going bankrupt. Women's Nike Buffalo Bills #79 Jordan Mills Limited Pink Rush Fashion NFL Jersey The weather was sunny in Sweden between 15 and 21 July, pleasing all those in the middle of their holidays. The photographer Peter Widing, however, was not on holiday. He was working. The 22-year-old was covering a youth football tournament, the Gothia Cup, for the Expressen newspaper. By one of the pitches he stopped and raised his camera. Maybe he already felt he had captured something special, but it was not until he developed the film that he saw the result. The first time I saw what Widing had captured was 16 years later. I was doing work experience at the Offside football magazine and on the walls there were nine blown-up, framed photographs. All of them were taken by Widing. One was from a full Maracanã, another of Peter Schmeichel picking the ball out of the net during Euro 92. But the one I couldn’t take my eyes off was the picture Peter took that July day in 1990. Two blond, almost twin-like boys celebrating a goal Authentic Nick Shore Jersey or win. The shirts are neatly tucked into their shorts. In front of them, a chubby, sad opponent whose dreams had just been crushed. The http://www.authenticcanucksstore.com/brandon-sutter-jersey_c-424.html picture would not have had the same devastating effect had it been taken a second earlier or later. It is a moment that requires the blond boys’ synchronised celebrations, which, in turn, would not have meant anything if it was not for the contrasting boy in tears and tight shirt. It is a work of art that I have loved for the past 11 years. When I had worked at Offside for a while and was given my own room I took the picture Authentic Nick Shore Jersey with me and hung it on the wall above my desk. I have looked at the boys so many times and wondered how their lives turned out. Sometimes I said to Peter that we should track them down. But he mainly shrugged and said it would never work. He was a man of few words and coming from him it meant something more like: “I will happily help if we really decide that we are going to do it.” We never did. On 29 May 2016 Peter killed himself. His death was unimaginable and affected me more than anything else http://www.patriotsofficialsprostore.com/Stephon-Gilmore-Jersey I have experienced. He was not only a colleague for 10 years but also a special friend. It is said that time heals every wound and perhaps the sorrow has diminished but I do not want to forget him and the picture has an important part to play. It still hangs above my desk and every time I look at the three boys I think of Peter. http://www.edv-beratung-hempel.de/kollwitz-forum/viewtopic.php?p=158982#158982 http://hersimu.com/komunitasbahagia/forum/topic/46425 http://social.leembe.com/blogs/post/12362 http://www.lovedetour.com/events/?session=1506663319&action=view_event&id=6116 http://fanclub.bglradio.net/forum/topic/22564 http://doctorsofnepal.org/forum/topic/19227

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