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in Kentucky
Date: Jul 03, 2009
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Feb 02 2014, 4:02 am
Hello Badger, my name is Jack. Nice to meet you on here! I'm from Kansas City, Mo. I am a 51 year old Italian American, that was born and raised here in KC.  I lived in Hartford Connecticut for 9 years also. That was back in 1985-94. Mrs. Badger,  i just wanted to tell you that i think your a very beautiful woman!!!  You look a few years younger than i am, but i'm ok with that to! I mostly like women who are somewhat close to my age, because it seems like i have more in common with them, than women that are much younger than me. I would actually prefer to have a woman that was even older than i am, compared to younger. I have morals, and it seems like these younger women these days don't know how to cook, clean etc.  LOL.  Mrs. Badger, I am a good cook for a man and i even make my own meatballs from scratch and my spaghetti sauce to. I have my grandma's old recipe that she had brought with her when she came from Sicily, Italy. in 1918. I am 3rd generation Sicilian. My mother and father's parent's came from the same town in Sicily to. It is named Castelvetrano, Sicily. It's in the southwestern part of Sicily.   Mrs. Badger, i would like to know  some about you to, if you wouldn't mind that is??? Thank you for reading my message, and have a great weekend to, Mrs. Badger!!!  Thank you and God Bless!!!!!  Ciao,   Jack.    

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