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The Franchise Mode's menu screen
DATE: Jan 16 2018, 8:07 pm / MOOD: Other

In Madden NFL 2005, EA sports with "fear D" as the theme of the campaign, emphasizing their improvement on the "other side of the ball" LOLGA. To rebalance the player experience, EA gives a playmaker tool to defend. Similar to offensive playmaker tools, defensive players allow players to perform preventative defensive adjustments. Madden NFL 2005 also added "EA Sports broadcast", a fictional program that plays in the Franchise Mode's menu screen and provides more storyline during the game. 

Tony Bruno, the host, often visits players and coaches, understands the development of the season, and has some quiz questions, which fake listeners ' calls to try to answer questions about football. EA Sports by creating "Hit Stick", further using the correct analog joystick for defense, this is a defensive option that allows controlled players to make a big shot with a simple flick, which increases the chance the operator encounters. The first is also a "form of change".

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We use several services
DATE: Jan 15 2018, 8:12 pm / MOOD: Other

There are many cases why your order might have been refunded. First, the most common mistake, is that we were unable to find your player on the transfer market. Is it important to make sure that when listing your player you put all the correct information LOLGA.Inc in our system. If we are unable to find your card, we will send you an email asking for a screenshot. If the customer does not respond to the email in one week we then refund the order. 

Second, We use several services to mitigate risk of fraud. If we are alerted that a customer is at any way associated with fraud the order will be refunded immediately.We accept all payments worldwide. Our will first be shown in USD, but can easily be changed to a different currency by selecting your desired currency in the top of our website. Our Payment Processors accept all payment options, but you might have to pay a fee because of exchange rates. The current exchange rates will be used to calculate your order fee. 

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The silhouette of a basketball player
DATE: Jan 14 2018, 8:17 pm / MOOD: Other

The NBA logo was designed by a New York graphic designer, Alan siegel, and first appeared in the NBA's official promotional material in 1969. But NBA officials have not officially announced the logo designers. The logo is a silhouette of a basketball player with a side control ball; The entire symbol consists of red, white and blue three colors, with the MLB (MLB) color, siegel explained that in order to "between the two alliance logo create a visual harmony".

In 1896, the first American basketball organization established "the national basketball league", but due to the basketball rules is not perfect, the organization is not sound, after a few seasons, the organization is in name only www.lolga.com.

On April 6, 1946, Boston garden owner walter a. brown launched the American basketball association (BAA), which was founded by 11 teams. For the first time, brown proposed a high salary and contract system, which means professional basketball must have strong financial support to keep the game at a high level. Contract means that a player can only sign a contract with a club and set up a reserve system in case the player suddenly leaves the team. On November 1, BAA's game officially began. Against both sides was the Toronto Eskimo team and the New York knicks, with a score of 66:68, and the knicks won.

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NBA teams for the NBA championship
DATE: Jan 14 2018, 12:41 am / MOOD: Other

In the NBA, you can lead your team to the NBA, competing with 30 other NBA teams for the NBA championship LOLGA.Inc. According to the rules of the real NBA game, the players are more integrated, and the winner is the NBA champion. In fact, it's one of the most rewarding aspects of the game, and you're going to have to go all out to deal with an opponent, and you'll end up laughing. You can even go back to the classic season.

Back in the 13 th season, with wade back to the big three. Back in the 11th season, he won the historic championship with the Kings. In fact, outside the NBA, fans can find more exciting games in the game. Tournaments, arenas, business events, and league matches will not only enhance the team's fitness but also win you more honors and awards!

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Bryant demanded the team trade
DATE: Jan 11 2018, 8:34 pm / MOOD: Other

Nowitzki in 98 to join the Dallas after they never spread some gossip, no trade rumors, in the 20 years of his career, he bring to the team in the history of the original title, also let oneself become the three very much Sir, and all this is the premise of his loyalty. Udonis haslem despite personal data is not very well, but after he joined the NBA in 03 has been played for the heat, and when James came to the team, he was the captain of the team, how much it would be enough to see the team take a fancy to him. At the same time, he and wade are the two longest teams in NBA history LOLGA.Inc.
Although Duncan played for the spurs throughout his career, he had such an episode in 2000. Rivers and Duncan agent relationship is very good at that time, he almost persuaded with such relationships Duncan joined the magic, fortunately, doc rivers refused Duncan invitation girlfriend sit team charter request, otherwise he will really go to the magic. That year as shaq left, the team record fell to the bottom, at this time, Bryant demanded the team trade oneself, also good side to retain, then trade for pau gasol, thus retaining the kobe Bryant, had two even after the champions league.

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We will give you extra key for PC
DATE: Jan 10 2018, 8:21 pm / MOOD: Other

In June 2016, a new arena, based on the underground passage of rocket lab layout, was added to the game through updates. The update at the end of the game is introduced in the paper issued by the various grades of cosmetics, rare and let the player can trade a variety of items of same type and rating rare, rare to get a better level Rocket League Items.
With the coming of Christmas Day and New Year, LOLGA company starts the following activities for the customers who are interested in rocket League and purchase rocket League products. 

When you buy goods of Rocket League: single order of $20 $-40, we will give you a extra key for pc or ps4 platform, or 2 extra Accelerator Crate for xbox platform; single order of $40 $-60, we will give you 2 extra key for pc or ps4 platform, or 4 extra Accelerator Crate for xbox platform; single order of $60 $-80, we will give you 3 extra key for pc or ps4 platform, or 6 extra Accelerator Crate for xbox platform; and so on, reward=payment/20*1key(or two accelerator crate)...

Although the items received in the game are tradable, these items cannot be sold on the platform's respective markets to prevent the same problems as the anti-beatable skin gambling controversy. The money from the microtransactions will be used to support Psyonix's eSports championship. In October 2016, released a major update called "Aquadome", shows a new platform, currently, and two new high-end auto water theme, and contain a new project and seven new achievement of the crate.

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The plans for next year
DATE: Jan 09 2018, 8:27 pm / MOOD: Other

Rocket league developer Psyonix claims that 2017 is the "best year" for the most popular car football games. Nintendo's switches and esports also take a lot of credit.

"We are pleased to welcome a completely new set of fans from nintendo switch communities, it is a huge milestone, not just in Psyonix, and rocket league games and esport," rockets league game director Corey Davis wrote in a blog post.

Although Psyonix does not provide sales figures, the rocket league is currently the no. 1 best-seller in nintendo (and its sales are down 25%). It is not only outstanding new release, such as "old" (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim), it also defeated The "Super Mario" (Super Mario Odyssey) and The special-shaped blade (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) The first Nintendo (Nintendo game.

The rocket league's Esports is also growing this year. New tournaments, such as the global open, X Games, and the Eleague cup. Davis said: "as the rockets in our institute league project introduction and Los Angeles RLCS world championships to break the record, has never been a better time to be competition rocket fans."

But, Davis acknowledges, all this growth poses new challenges LOLGA.Inc. The recurring PsyNet database outage makes it harder for people to log in and play games, but most of these problems have been solved. The team is working on the performance of the game server and will begin rolling out improved connection quality status information to the game client in 2018. It also focused on the Rocket League performance on the Xbox One.

"We don't want the Xbox players to feel ignored when reporting problems, and we've rolled out a stable and stucco patch in the last two patches," Davis wrote. "But we know that some of you are still experiencing performance problems and we are actively working to address them." We will share more in the New Year.

Finally, Psyonix lists some of the plans for next year. The company is also in the game, and says it will be beta testing early next year. It will improve the upgrade system, make XP more meaningful, and will have new rewards, such as banner and upgrade titles. However, the biggest feature of development may be cross-platform support. It will be released in 2018.

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The most famous players who have played better
DATE: Jan 08 2018, 8:22 pm / MOOD: Other

The 2017 NFL regular season is in the book. For the lucky few, your team has entered the playoffs and continues to search for the title. For most people, you can sit down and enjoy watching the game without worrying about your fantasy football team until next season. Congratulations on reducing the chance of an ulcer Madden Mobile Coins.

There were some big surprises on this line, but there was also a huge disappointment. Here, let's take a look at some of the most famous players who have played better or worse on the ratings committee.

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Darrel Royal's Wishbone
DATE: Jan 07 2018, 11:28 pm / MOOD: Other

There are triple options, including Bill Yeoman's Veer and Darrel Royal's Wishbone. Triple selection of the triple choice www.lolga.com is to run back a run, runway 2 run and quarterback to run their own three, rather than AFLC a team to watch only six months of the quarterback forced, as also There is a pass option. Veer and Wishbone's triple choice because the informant often has been directly into the defensive hinterland to block, so if the pass must be a Ineligible Player Down Field. 

A quarterback of the so-called Package Play is a double running back Shotgun, quarterback Play Action pass, to run back 1, to run back 2, quarterback himself run, quarterback roll out pass 5 An option to read the defensive player from the center line to the outside Wei Wei / end Feng has been to the security guard, is also drunk. Although the previous Pop Warner has already invented the Option, but Fauot's T-word Option idea is really spread so far. T word array Option by the basketball two dozen fast break the inspiration, quarterback read tactical side of the defensive end, if the defensive end of the pursuit of their own, then the ball back to the back of the semi-Wei; if the end of the pursuit of half Wei, quarterback ran his own.

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DATE: Jan 06 2018, 8:19 pm / MOOD: Other

The demand for Rocket League T-shirts is huge. Most people want to buy them from us, but are happy to learn that they can win in the MVP in our four division game. When you read this article, players around the world start playing Superman Super Acrobatics Rocket Car Rocket League Keys, August's "first season" will be officially opened.

We have sorted out our first payload package "Supersonic Fury", which will add two new cars and more surprises later this month. Better is: our first DLC map, inspired by the classic "chariot" arena, "utopia", almost finished, will be launched in July. And, like all of our future maps, it will be 100% free. But we will soon have more. 

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