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once cheater always cheater
34 years old
Saint Albans, West Virginia
United States

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Strictly for fun


Job: Working
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Religion: Christian - other
Orientation: Straight
Dating status: Dumper
Body type: Slim/Slender
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So I started seeing this guy, he lives about 45 mins from me. It was wonderful we had so much in common..we talked we laughed we went on trips together. One day before a trip I looked on his my space and Saw a picture of this girl in his little gallery. I thought it might be a cousin or something because he does have a lot of them.. I got a weird feeling though. during the trip he would step out and make 30-45 min phone calls. I asked him about it and he said it was family. Okay I can believe that. I get back and on the phone with him I asked him who she was. He told me just a friend I hung out with her a couple times. and then he deleted the picture. next thing I know.. she is commenting left and right: "u r my angel" "I miss you baby." and "I love you." I told him This is making me upset and she needs to stop it. Well he deleted those comments. I felt better.. I look on her page. She put him on number one, says shes in a relationship and her hero was Jason, the best boyfriend ever. He came up to my house and we sat down...he looked at me and told me...He doesnt want to lose me over some misunderstood drama. okay I gave him a chance to talk. The next thing I know.. he blocked me from seeing his profile and she blocked hers..with a picture of them hugging for her main picture.. I called him up and told him.. I hope you have a nice life with her..and I can never be myself as long as she's around...when you want to get serious..then you call me...Other wise delete my number I don't want to talk to you again...and I hope that everytime you see her you think of how she tore us apart...Bye Did I do the right thing?

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Feb 07 2008, 11:46 am
This is SPARTA! Or... wait no wrong site... just kidding just showin some love thanx for the add!

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