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37 years old
New York, New York
United States

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Strictly for fun


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Smoke: Yes
Drink: Sometimes
Religion: N/A
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Dating status: Confused
Body type: Athletic
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STAR SIGN: Sagittarius
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Feels so good!
Added 10 years ago
Funny stuff!
Added 10 years ago

ok....it started out with me and a girl (brittney) a couple years back, we went out for around a year, then foolishly i broke up with her because a friend told me that she had some other guy coming over after she had me leave. i came over once when i told her i was going to be late and saw a guy leaving her house, i went up to her and asked her what was going on and she said nothing. i went back and broke up with her the next day. we didnt talk for a while and i went up to the guy i saw leaving the house that one day, he told me that he went over there to give her some of her stuff she left at a party me and her went to. and that he was there for one minute. i saw her one day at the mall and i tried to talk to her and she kept walking and i called her a b**** and she looked at me and kept walking. a week later i went to a friend's ( a girl i hung out with all the time) house and brittney was there. i was hanging out with them and the friend left to go to the store. i talked to brittney and apologized to her, she basically ignored it. then i got put in juvi and went to placement for 8 months and was talking to her alot. while i was in the placement i had some real emotional problems, and asked her back out, she said no and i started to bug her about it, she stopped talking to me and i told her that if she wanted to talk she would be able to contact me. i left the placement and was at home for 5 months and found her on the internet and have been talking to her for a while and now we are talking about all the stupid things that happened and im getting lonely cause i havent as much as hugged a girl ( other than my sister) for 2 years and i'm starting to flirt with her and i noticed her start to back out of talking to me. i have no real ending so far becasue its not over yet.

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