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37 years old
Santa Fe, New Mexico
United States

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Job: Other
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Religion: Catholic
Orientation: Straight
Dating status: Just want to talk
Body type: Athletic
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Well this story started 11 months ago. i met this really sweet and nice guy thru my best friend. actually he has seen me many times and wanted to be friends with me. one day his friend called my best friend and ask for my number for his friend -lets name him BoB- Bob called me and we became friends. God he was so sweet and nice , we would talk for hours about anything and this all time he ask me out like every 5 second and i always answered 2 wait --after 2 weeks i said yes and we were going out - i so so happy - a month in our relationship a girl out of no where calls me and sayn "what the f**k you doing with my boyfriend?" i was so pissed off --i called him and he said that she was his Ex and she cant get over him - me being a navie girl i belived him.... then 2 months from that someone else kept calling me and he msged me saying not to answer the fone calls- once again i didnt.... it was 3+ months in our relationship and we start fighting on every lill thing , he would always walk away- turn his fone off for like weeks - always accusing me of cheating on him--he deleted every fone numbers i had of guys. this whole time he kept saying that he loves me so much. i kept getting cute msgs from him saying how much he is inlove with me. i so unhappy and i didnt want to talk about it to anyone ---so he always walked away and turned his fone off and after like weeks he would call back and i pretended that i wasnt hurt and we'd just meet up and make out. 5 months in our relationship this one day i kept getting calls. i picked up and a girl shouting at me - i heard his voice, saying she is not my girlfriend she is my best friends girlfriend i dont know her--i was so hurt. the same day at night he called and said that the guy wasnt him - was his friend---- the next day we met up and i was so upset that i didnt know what i felt for him anymore. for the next 2 weeks he didnt call or msg me --- finaly he did and we met up again and made out everytime -- but when i was alone i remember the things he did to me. on my birthday he didnt get me nothing, on valentines day he didnt get me nothing - i got him lots of stuff, i just wanted him to be happy i do really love him -like alot. now it has been 11 months us going out and i still dont know what 2 do. i msged him last night saying dont call me anymore -sinces he didnt talk 2 me probably like 2 months now - but i feel bad just breaking up over the msg. his fone is off again i cant get thru him again --i dont know what to do. i feel like these days he is not asking me 2 stay but he is not letnn go of me- :) plz help me wat to do???

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